Photography Classes


Throughout the year, Signature offers individual and group training on taking better photos with your camera, understanding digital photography, and more...



Let us help you learn to get the most out of your camera, from teaching you what all those little buttons mean, to helping you turn OFF the flash so YOU can take portrait-quality images of your kids!  Just watch - your images will improve overnight!

$40. One 60 minute session at our office.  Bring your camera equipment and manuals.  Group rates available.



One-on-one training opportunities for aspiring photographers.

Option #1 - Natural Lighting.  We'll stay out of the studio for this one and use the natural light in areas of our home and outdoors as we work with you to learn to identify the 'good spots' for taking photos.  You'll be able to take this training home and apply it at your next session!  $60.  One 90 minute session.  Please bring your equipment and a model, age 10 and up.

Option #2 - In the Studio - Try our studio set-up and learn just enough about professional lighting to be dangerous...we'll take the fear out of taking the next step to this level.  It's waaaay easier than you think!

$60.  One 90 minute session.  Please bring your equipment and a model, age 10 and up.



One-on-one training opportunities for aspiring photographers.

Is your home your studio?  Let us come over and show you where to find the best light, how to hang a backdrop, and point out fantastic places for pictures you never knew you had!  We have seventeen years of experience in "making what you've got work for you!"

$150.  90 minutes.  Please provide a model (age 10 and up.)  We'll use both your equipment and our equipment in your surroundings so you can see what you can do and what you can aspire to as you upgrade!



We are delighted to make presentations to your group, organization or school.  We love teaching Moms groups how to take great photos of their family, and we can help your Girl Scouts earn their photography badge. Just ask for more information!


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