Senior Girls

"I had such a blast coming to you for my senior photos!  It was fun, different from what my friends did, and you made me feel like a model!"

~ Kayla, Rockford, MI


Every session with a senior girl at Signature Photography is nothing short of amazing!  Girls like to feel like models and moms want to capture their girl's gorgeous smiles before they head off into the world.  Let us make your teen feel beautiful as we pose her in a variety of locations and outfits to capture her unique personality.  Whether she's a country girl or a urban artist, Signature cannot wait to make your senior girl portrait session one to remember.  We can't wait to help you frame these images  on your walls to enjoy for a long time.


And before you know it... we will be photographing her on her wedding day.

We've served senior girls from Lowell, Saranac, Belding, Grand Rapids, Forest Hills and much much more!  It's worth the drive to the country for our exceptional service and commitment to every client.  What are you waiting for?  Call us today!

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