We Believe...


Fun.  Affordable.  Creative.

That’s how clients describe their portrait experience with Signature.   We are famous for fast, fun, efficient portraits in a comfortable atmosphere that is unlike any other studio.  Try us just once and you’ll see why husbands are happy to come back, why kids cry when it’s time to go home, and why people turn to us for all their photo needs.


Signature shares.

We see things differently than most professional photographers.  We know what a joy it is to have the rights to PLAY with your pictures…to send them to grandparents, post them online, decorate your home, and arrange them in albums.  Shared image rights are a part of everything we do.  You will enjoy the freedom to do what you wish with the images of you and the people you love.


Full Service and Professional Products…

We offer professional retouching, creative design, and a complete line of finished products that you will love!  We can edit your images to perfection, and enlarge them big for over the fireplace.  We can design invitations, announcements, and artwork for your walls.  We often ship next-day for free.  You make a phone call, we make it happen.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


…Or Do It Yourself.  If you’re the type of person who is capable of doing your own editing and design, and all you need is a photographer who can capture some great shots as a starting point and then hand over the CD so you can be creative on your own, we can do that.  Signature offers the best of both worlds.  We are here to serve you in the way that you would like to be served.


We believe that we are 'blessed to be a blessing,' and we look forward to taking care of you!


We are located in Belding, Michigan, and will travel just about anywhere to serve you.






Budget $100/month.

Smile seasonally, not annually.


At Signature it’s our goal to see you three or four times each year, not annually like other photographers.  Why?  Three reasons:

First, multiple portrait sessions eliminate stress.  Getting your picture taken is not a big, expensive, annual event.  Instead it’s a fun, family outing that you put on your calendar for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Second, we want your photos to be the art that hangs in your home.  Sitting in a garden of tulips, jumping waves at the lakeshore, tossing leaves into the air, and stealing a kiss in the winter snow – could there be anything better for your walls?

Third, we want to help you celebrate today.  We want you to remember every stage of your little ones’ lives.  We want to make your tweens and teens feel confident and beautiful; photos boost their self-esteem like nothing else.  And we’re on a mission to get the Momma in the photo, so be ready when you bring your kids!


We’ve priced our packages and designed our special events specifically to make it easy and fun for you to pose for our cameras often. The happiest Signature Families simply budget $100 each month for ‘memories.’  Over the course of a year, we’ll keep you smiling, your home beautiful, and the grandparents delighted!


DID YOU KNOW?  We celebrate broken bones and missing teeth with complimentary sessions when you're in the Signature family.


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